Counselling Services


Counselling sessions are generally for one hour but can often be extended so if you feel you need more time, just ask.

It is hard to say how many sessions a person will need as we are all different with different needs and problems. It is common practice for counsellors to allow six sessions at least to begin with but again this is flexible and if you feel you only need one session to have the opportunity to run something by, then that is your choice.

Marriage counselling will generally take several sessions and it will usually be necessary to see each person individually a couple of times at least, as well as both together, since we all bring our own ‘stuff’ to the relationship and it possibly will need to be dealt with seperately. Most couples feel it is an important investment in their life and often life changing.

Substance abuse and other addictions are generally not ‘a quick fix’ as these behaviours are the end result (or the acting out) of a deeper emotional cause which needs to be resolved for complete recovery. However, the behaviour that is damaging your health and your relationships can be addressed first up and the cause unravelled through therapy for the best result.

Anger management is much the same with cognitive therapy addressing the behaviours initially and then deeper enquiry looking at underlying causes and resolve.

Using psychotherapy, I will sometimes engage clients in expressive therapies such as art therapy or sandtray as expressive therapies can be useful when the spoken word is difficult to verbalise or people are ‘stuck.’ There is no expectation of result being artistic or beautiful as art therapy is merely about expression and can be part of the healing journey. More often than not, clients are surprised and delighted with the results.

Disclaimer – All sessions are completely confidential unless I am concerned for the safety of my client or someone else and need to contact their next of kin or medical practitioner or police. Client files  are locked in a secure filing system at all times and notes kept to a minimum but if they are  subpoenaed to court, I will have no choice but to comply with the law. I will inform you if it is necessary, at any time, to take any of these steps. Please be assured these things seldom occur.