“I didn’t know what to expect from counselling as I had never been before and no one in my family ever had either but it was better than I thought it would be and it really, really helped me. We got through heaps of stuff in just a few sessions and I am so glad I finally got the guts to do it! I am a much happier person now, for sure. Thanks again”…….Maria, Victoria Point, Qld.

“Frances, I just want to say a huge thank you for your patience, empathy and the gentle nudging you had to do to get me through the mess I was in. I know I was reluctant to make change but you helped me to understand that I had to if I wanted something better for myself”…………..J.F. from Shailer Park, Qld.

“I am happy to write this to say thank you for seeing my daughter at such short notice and putting up with her as she was such a handful! She was a typical teenager not wanting to participate in family counselling or see you by herself but we eventually got her there and you worked a small miracle! She trusted you and thank goodness she listened to you and she felt heard herself. She loved the art exercises. It feels like a new start for us all.”…….Mrs. C. from Daisy Hill, Qld.